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Let us assist you with growing your trading account, simply copy the trades we take automatically. NO PROFIT SHARING!!


Risk appetite and tolerance define how much risk you should accept. Our service will assist you to make better choices.


When the risks associated with your trades cannot be fully controlled we use risk management to minimize the impact of the risks so that the loss because of the inherent risk is minimized. .


We share details about trades that you should make which have a high probability of returning a positive outcome. Our success rate is quite high and you can share in with us


Caps Signals

With Caps Signals, your subscription entitles you to recieve regular alerts which have been analyzed and confirmed by analysts at Caps Investors Center to have the highest probability of success according to Price Action Targets. This advice is useful to get you a jump start in your forex trading career if you are new or to get you ahead of the pack if you already in the game

Caps Academy

Learn about Financial Markets and how to make money using your phone or computer. At Caps Academy our best and brightest will take you through the fundamentals and help you to get started in our begginers course.The intermediate and advanced courses will get you in touch with best practices, concepts and strategy that will drive your career to greater heights and improve your chances of success and making profit


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